Snake River ChapterThe first week of this month brings us the Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC) Board of Directors, Annual Meeting, taking place this year in Ontario Oregon (June 6-9) at the Clarion Inn, 1249 Tapadera Avenue. The agenda will include educational tracks for organizers, staff directors and support staff as well as a number of workshops and policy roundtables. The conference can be attended by ORA members and if you’re interested in attending you can contact me and I’ll be happy to work with you on the details.

The big doings in the chapter center around the great work being done at the Four Rivers Community Garden (FRCG). As many of you already know the FRCG has been successful in its goal of providing space for gardeners and food for people in need, for quite some time. Now, as part of the “Self Development of People” (SDOP) initiative the FRCG is becoming a venue and tool for connecting with the community at large and building relationships with various organizations throughout the Ontario area. The FRCG, is working with the Oregon Food Bank, Oregon State University, Extension, St. Matthews Church and other partners to improve the effectiveness of the garden and related activities as an organizing tool. Some of the activities talking place are “Saturdays in the Garden” which is a weekly series of educational events that take place at the FRCG covering a variety of topics related to gardening, healthy eating and community development. The possibility of additional funding for FRCG/SDOP activities in partnership with the Oregon Food Bank are being explored and there will be a joint informational table (FRCG/ORA) at the Ontario Farmers Market.

The next big event for the FRCG is the upcoming Garden Celebration taking place on June 16th.