ORA members organize for health care for all

ORA members have been hosting presentations, speakers and dialog about the state of our health care system since early 2011. Now members have formed the Health Care Reform Action Team. The team has exciting events scheduled for members interested in health care issues. We hope you will join us!

  • Wednesday August 15, 7 PM—homemade ice cream and pie social at the home of Cheryl Simpson Whitaker and Bill Whitaker, 1108 G Ave., La Grande (corner of 6th and G.)
  • Saturday September 8, 9:30 AM to 1 PM–Workshop: Building the health care reform movement—learn to select and use appropriate materials for persuasive conversation and presentations; learn to cope with difficult questions with poise, confidence and accurate information; learn to use petitions, health care surveys, photo petitions, health care stories and donations for building the movement for Health Care as a Human Right. Location to be announced.

Why are members concerned about health care?

Today fifty million Americans and 600,000 Oregonians have no health insurance. Each year 44,000 Americans and 558 Oregonians die from lack of health insurance. Helping prevent these unnecessary deaths is part of Oregon Rural Action’s commitment to social justice.

Upon approval by the ORA board of directors, ORA joined Health Care for All—Oregon(HCAO), a coalition of 55 organizations throughout Oregon. HCAO’s initial goal is to convince the Oregon Legislature that Health Care is a Human Right that should be available to everyone. Through HCAO, ORA is campaigning for comprehensive, publicly funded, high quality systems of health care serving everyone in Oregon and (eventually) the United States.

What We’re Doing…

The health care campaign is using photo petitions, presentations to the public, surveys of the experiences Oregonians have had with health care — good or bad– and stories about our health care experiences to build support throughout Oregon for universal, single-payer health care.

ORA is building an action team of current and new ORA members in chapters throughout eastern Oregon. We are working in the five counties in which most ORA members live—Union, Baker, Malheur, Wallowa and Umatilla. If you care about health care, we invite you to join us. If you would like a presentation on health care reform for your church, service club or other organization, we would like to talk with you.


For information about how you can get involved contact: Cheryl Simpson-Whitaker at cksw46@msn.com , Bill Whitaker bill@oregonrural.org , or organizer Debbie Votaw Debbie@oregonrural.org.