Act Now! Coal Comments Due August 12th

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Oregon is considering giving permits to an Australian coal company to ship massive amounts of U.S. coal overseas, through the ports on the Oregon coast. The coal would travel over 1,000 miles from Montana and Wyoming, leaving communities along the way with increased traffic, coal dust, and diesel fuel fumes, all for a foreign coal company to earn big bucks overseas.

This proposed coal port in Oregon, called the Coyote Terminal, is the first of three projects seeking approval, and officials are looking for input from the public as they look at how this major industrial project will affect the entire region.


Make your voice heard! We only have until August 12 to submit our comments. Click here to ask the State of Oregon to deny the Coyote Terminal’s permit for harmful air pollutants.

Coal exports affect you, whether you live in one of the communities along a rail line like me, near a proposed coal export terminal or one of the coal mines, or are affected by air pollution and climate change.

Hauling huge amounts of coal across our region would disrupt cities, towns, farms, and ranches and cut into the profitability of many small businesses along the way. Grain producers would have to deal with increased shipping rates and deteriorating service — the same rail system on which they depend would be overburdened with coal trains. And public health would continue to be threatened by an increase in toxic coal dust and diesel fuel as the trains hauling coal back and forth doubles or triples the volume of rail traffic.

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The Department of Environmental Quality

Governor John Kitzhaber

You can send your message today from Oregon Rural Action’s Action Page.

More information: Click here to read fact sheets about the impacts of coal exports to our health & safety and rural economies. Please email me if you’re coming or for more details.

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