The movement to protect the climate in Oregon is growing fast. In February, legislators in Salem will consider setting a limit on carbon pollution in our state. Doing so would place Oregon among the leaders in the world for smart climate policy and create a boom in our clean energy economy. We will join our West Coast partners in a powerful alliance for climate protection.

There are things you can do today to support the Healthy Climate Bill.

  1. Contact your legislator. Tell them to vote YES on the Healthy Climate Bill and take action on climate pollution in Oregon. As individuals, we do our part to keep Oregon clean and healthy. Industrial polluters should be required to do so too. When you’re done, ask your friends to do the same!
  2. Farm, Ranch, Vineyard, or other Agricultural Business, Association or Organization can sign on to a statement of support.
  3. Contribute to ORA today to  support our Clean Energy and Climate Change efforts.

Healthy Climate BillThere are already limits on emissions in our laws, but there is no way to enforce them. The Healthy Climate bill will hold big polluters accountable for the cost of what they are dumping into our air and water. Up to this point, we are paying the costs, in the form of missed work da
ys and medical bills from lung disease, severe allergies and asthma attacks. We pay for record-breaking wildfires and droughts that hurt family farmers and raise food prices.

Politicians won’t act on this unless they hear from all of us. There are powerful interests with a lot of money that don’t want the Healthy Climate bill to pass. Their voice is loud, so we have to be louder. It will take all of us together.

More Information: Healthy Climate Fact Sheet

Below is sample email text for you to send to your legislator to ask them to vote YES. Again, you can find your legislators’ contact info here.

**Note: Customizing the text below so it’s personal to you will make it even more effective!

Subject: It is critical you vote YES to protect the climate


We are out of time to watch and wait. Climate change is threatening our way of life in Oregon. I want our state to be a leader in cutting pollution and shifting to a clean energy economy.

I urge you to support legislation that would protect our climate.

We must join partners on the West Coast in holding polluters accountable. If we don’t lead, we will lose out on opportunities and good paying jobs in renewable energy and efficiency construction.

A changing climate is threatening everything we love about Oregon — drought is drying our farm and ranch land; hops farmers and grape growers are worried about water. Shellfisherman face rising acid levels in the ocean and our firefighters will face an extreme wildfire season again this year. We must act.

Support the Healthy Climate bill. Move us from pollution to prosperity in Oregon. Let’s lead the way.

Yours sincerely,

First and last name