Umbrella Healthy ClimateNow is a critical time for the climate movement in Oregon. Right now, legislators in Salem are considering setting a limit on carbon pollution, make our energy portfolio coal free, create electric car charging networks, create jobs in renewable energy, and community solar in our state. Doing so would place Oregon among the leaders in the world for smart climate policy and create a boom in our clean energy economy.

We need YOU to contact your legislator and ask them to support the Healthy Climate Bill (SB 1574) and Coal Transition Bill (SB 1547-B).

The Health Climate Bill has passed out of its first committee (Senate Environment and Natural Resources). The Coal Transition Bill is doing even better having past the house and   now it’s up for consideration in the senate. Keep them moving forward!

The session will be over in the next few days, please call Hansell (NE OR, 503-986-1729,, Ferrioli (SE OR 503-986-1950,, and/or Bentz (SE OR 503-986-1460, to ask them to support both bills. Below is a template to adapt for an email or phone call (you can look up your legislators’ contact info here).

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Subject: Please help advance the Healthy Climate Bill and Coal Transitions Bill

Representative or Senator,

We are out of time to watch and wait. Climate change is threatening our way of life in Oregon. I want our state to be a leader in cutting pollution and shifting to a clean energy economy.

I urge you to support the Healthy Climate Bill (SB 1574) and Coal Transition Bill (SB 1547-B)— and to ask your colleagues to do the same.

We must join partners on the West Coast in holding polluters accountable. If we don’t lead, we will lose out on opportunities and good paying jobs in renewable energy and efficiency construction.

A changing climate is threatening everything we love about Oregon — drought is drying our farm and ranch land; hops farmers and grape growers are worried about water. Shellfisherman face rising acid levels in the ocean and our firefighters will face an extreme wildfire season again this year. We must act.

Support the Healthy Climate bill and Coal Transition Bill. Move us from pollution to prosperity in Oregon. Let’s lead the way.


Yours sincerely,

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