The Trump administrations pick to head The Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has been a key architect of the legal battle against climate change policies. Mr. Pruitt is a longtime close ally of the fossil fuel industry, believes that climate change is a hoax, believes the Clean Power Act is a “war on coal” and has vowed to “cancel” the Paris Accords.

The administration pick to head the Department of Labor, Andy Puzder, is the former CEO of the fast food restaurants Hardees and Carls Jr. and has spent his entire career working to weaken worker protections, lower pay, and exploit employees. Mr. Puzder has been sued for Labor Law violations numerous times by the very agency he has now been picked to lead.

The State Department is now headed by Rex Tillerson, the Former CEO of Exxon, which means pipelines which cross state lines will now be under the jurisdiction of the man who ran the largest oil corporation in the world.

These examples, and many others, are the most blatant examples of the fox guarding the henhouse. These nominations will create a situation of captive agencies where government regulatory agencies will be controlled by the very people and organizations that they are designed to regulate.

These picks by the Trump administration do not serve the interests of rural Oregonians and should be very worrisome for all Americans. Oregon Rural Action opposes these picks by the Trump Administration and we encourage you to stay active, stay involved and stay vigilant.