ORA Health Care Reform Action Team has turned their July 18th meeting into an Action Event. It would be great if you could participate and help send a strong message to Rep. Walden, “We want improved Medicare for All!”

Join us 6:00-7:00 pm July 18 at the ORA office, 1119 Washington Ave., La Grande. Write your personal messages or choose some from the list we will provide. We are filling hundreds of empty pill bottles with your messages. The bottles will be displayed at the July 29th Farmer’s Market and then presented to Rep. Walden in recognition of Medicare’s 52nd Birthday.

Rep. Walden needs to hear that people in Congressional District 2 depend on Medicare (and Medicaid)! And we want “Improved Medicare for All!”

​​In addition to our action meeting on July 18, we also have the opportunity for a select group of people to help celebrate Medicare’s birthday July 29th by staffing a booth at the La Grande Farmer’s Market. Both ORA HCR-AT and Union County Progressives will share the booth. Time slots from 8:30 until 12:30.

We will be featuring the Pill Bottle Campaign Display and there will be a canopy for the heat thanks to Earlene and Mike Lamb! Contact Cheryl at 541-663-6468 if you want to join the fun!​