MEETING ALERT:  AUGUST 23rd @ 6pm, La Grande           


Union County & City of La Grande 2nd Joint Public Meeting on Idaho Power’s Amended Preliminary Application for Site Certificate for Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line (B2H)


The Union County Commissioners and City of La Grande are hosting a second Boardman to Hemingway siting meeting. It will be on Wednesday, August 23rd at 6 pm in the Blue Mountain Conference Center (aka the Armory). Since we had over 140 people at the last meeting they are moving the event to the big conference room. We’d like to fill the room to express our support for our elected representatives in letting Idaho Power know that their transmission line is not welcome here!


The county and city are in the process of reviewing Idaho Power’s application for “completeness” and there are huge gaps in the application. We have found many areas where Idaho Power has missed key information that should be considered by the State of Oregon before determining that the application is complete. Heck they didn’t even know we have a helipad at the hospital for life-flight. Their report does not describe in detail the 100+ miles of new or improved roads they want to build; nor proper weed or fire protection plans. And the list of incompleteness goes on…


At the meeting the city/county will inform us on the work that they have done so far and they are asking for all of us to help. YES, asking us to help! The application is HUGE and there is a limited amount of time to submit comments to the state. If you have any experience regarding weeds, roads, water, geography, wet lands, wildlife, archeology, historic sites, recreation, etc. let the city or county know! The full application is on Union County web site at . If you have any knowledge in any of these areas, please get involved!


There will be future opportunities for public comment as the state process progresses over this coming year. We need to make sure that the state considers everything that could negatively impact our homes and our environment. We need to be heard and our elected representatives want to hear from us – how often does that happen ;-)!


For more information:  Contact Union County directly 541-963-1001; or, Stop B2H Coalition: