Health Care for ALL Oregon

As we look around rural Oregon we see extreme health disparities. We believe healthy living through community gardens; better nutrition through Farm to School and local fresh food; a healthy environment free of coal; and strong rural economies are key to the health of our rural communities. But we also need equitable access to quality health care. We believe this is a matter of justice because health care is a human right.


The Problem

The health care system is broken in ways that the Affordable Health Care Act, so called “Obamacare,” will not fix. Even with some significant restrictions to health insurance companies, such as the elimination of so called “pre-existing conditions” limitations  the new law will not fundamentally reform the financing of health care. It will not  ensure that all have access to health care, not just health insurance. 

Health Care for All–Eastern Oregon

Oregon Rural Action-Health Care for All-Eastern Oregon is committed to organizing citizens from Eastern Oregon to create a Health Care System that works for all of us. We are a part of the statewide coalition, Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO), that includes over 60 organizations that are working towards the same goal-Health Care for All–“everyone in and no one is out!”


What We Believe

HCAO Principles—

HCAO recognizes health care to be a human right.  We seek to create a health care system based on the principles of Universality, Equity, Accountability, Transparency Participation, and health care as a Public Good.

  • Universality: As a human right, health care must be accessible to everyone, without exception.
  • Equity: Health care resources and services must be distributed and accessed according to people’s needs. Health, wealth, employment, age, race, gender, immigration status, and other factors should not result any barriers to health care or disparities in health outcomes.
  • Accountability: The health care system must be accountable to the people it serves. It must ensure effective delivery of care and stewardship of resources that improve individual and population health, and provide means to uphold and enforce human rights standards in care.
  • Transparency: The health care system must be open with regard to information, decision-making, and management.
  • Participation: The health care system must enable meaningful public participation in all decisions affecting people’s right to health care.
  • Public Good: Health care, as a fundamental element of a just society, must not be rationed by cost as a commodity in private markets, but be secured to the people on an equitable basis by public means, similarly to education, public safety, and public utilities.


What We Want

To create a comprehensive, equitable, publicly funded, high quality, universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon and the United States.

…To achieve a health care system …

  • that ensures comprehensive, high-quality health care to all;
  • that provides care based on patients’ needs rather than profits, focusing on prevention, effective treatment, and improved medical outcomes;
  • that is publicly financed, directing resources to medical care and  minimizing administrative expenses and waste.


What We’re Doing

As a member of Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO), ORA goals are to achieve affordable, accessible healthcare for all Oregonians by:

  1. Informing and organizing fellow citizens to support universal health care and take action at the state legislature,
  2. Ensuring the state recognizes health care as a human right,
  3. Pushing public officials to create a comprehensive, equitable, publicly funded, high quality, universal health care system in the state.

Join us!

If the mission, vision, and principles speak to you, come join us as we struggle to change a system that does not serve our needs. We all know someone who is under or uninsured that have had catastrophic illnesses that have driven their family towards or into bankruptcy.  Things do not need to happen this way.  Police, fire, education and roads are all funded by us for the public good.  Why not a healthcare system that takes care of us all?

ORA is bringing people together to take action for health care for all. We have hosted a series of speakers, films and discussions about health care that led to the development of our Health Care Reform Action Team. This team is meeting monthly to plan the public education, action and movement-building activities. The Team is learning together, collecting health care stories, photo petitions and planning a rally day at the capital. Here’s how you can get involved:

If you want to get involved contact the co-chairs of the Health Care Action Team, Cheryl Simpson-Whitaker and Bill Whitaker.  



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