Annual Gathering

Our Annual Gathering was held on March 3rd at the Maridell Center. The keynote speaker was Ken Meter, an economist with Crossroads Resource Center, who explained his findings of a four county study on farming and agriculture. His message was that the paradigm of agriculture production, distribution, buying and selling must change if we are to change the economics of our communities and create a healthier environment. He had several suggestions and examples on how to accomplish these goals, most of which revolved around the concept of business clusters that bring together producers, buyers, distributors, and the community at large to create a micro economy with the intent of keeping dollars local. If this idea fascinates you, as it does us, check out Ken’s website at




We just finished our annual seed fundraiser with Territorial Seeds. This is a fundraiser that gives back 45%   of the gross sales to ORA. This is a match made in heaven! We made approximately $650. Thank you all for your support.