We are working to create a deep, democratic movement for sustainability and justice in rural Eastern Oregon through citizen activism and building grassroots power. As a member-led organization, our work is defined and carried out by ORA members and concerned rural citizens. We are farmers and ranchers, working people and families, acting to make the switch from an unsustainable, distant Wall Street economy to homegrown prosperity for and by local people by creating environmentally, socially and economically, sustainable food and energy systems. ORA members work at all levels—from local to national—to affect policy and implement on-the-ground projects and programs towards our common mission and priorities.

Canned Food

Local Food & Agriculture

From strengthening access to healthy, affordable food to supporting policies that remove barriers to local, sustainable food production, food, agriculture and support for local farmers have been a vital part of Oregon Rural Action’s mission since the very beginning. See how ORA members are supporting local food and agriculture.

Sustainable Energy

ORA members believe in a “best of the above,” not “all of the above,” energy strategy that builds local homegrown prosperity and protects our environment using conservation, efficiency and renewable energy to achieve responsible and sustainable energy production and use that protects the environment and addresses climate change.

MLK Jr. Day Social Justice March 2011Social Justice

As our organizational values state, we believe all people should have access to services providing for our basic needs and allowing for full participation in society. Moreover, it is both the right and responsibility of people to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, and all should have access to these processes, regardless of race, income level, language, age, or ability. See how ORA members are working for social justice.

Downtown La GrandeStrong Rural Economies

From supporting local businesses and crafting policy to benefit local producers to community wealth building workshops and an annual meeting focused on “Making the Shift: Building a Vibrant Local Economy Amidst the Broken Global Financial System,” ORA members have done much to create strong rural economies.