Every dollar we spend has the power to influence our community.  Whether we realize it or not, we are shaping the world we live in each time we make a purchase or pay for services. Read more about the multiplier effect.

Cash Mobs

People are using social media to plan organized events to join together and support local businesses. This new trend is referred to as a “cash mob,” as it comes from the same concept as a “flash mob.” According to the Cash Mob website, “mobbers typically spend 10-20 dollars at the business being mobbed, which creates an immediate economic stimulus. Not only are cash mobs helping local businesses achieve financial success, they are creating everlasting customers and uniting people of the community.”

ORA members have joined in too. In La Grande they’ve teamed up with other folks for these fun outings in support of local businesses. See the La Grande Cash Mob group on Facebook.

Local Banks and Credit Unions