Northeast Oregon is home to a wonderful variety of farmers’ markets. Whether you are a vendor, a local shopper, or just passing through you can find the information you need about each of our local farmers’ markets by clicking on the names below.

Do you manage a Farmers’ Market in Northeast Oregon? You are invited to contact us if you would like to utilize this space in order to further develop your web presence. Contact Oregon Rural Action via email We can link to your website or include your information here.

Buying locally promotes a vibrant community

At first glance, a discussion of the local economy may seem unrelated to your farmers’ market, but studies indicate the every dollar spent with local vendors and business have a beneficial multiplier effect?  Every dollar we spend has that power to influence our community.  The Local Multiplier Effect is the economic term used to describe how many times a dollar recirculates within the local economy before leaving.  The beauty of this system is that we all have the power to improve our local economy because each new round a dollar makes has the same impact as a new dollar coming into the community. Read more…

Oregon Farmers’ Market Promotion Project

In 2008, Oregon Rural Action partnered with the Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association (OFMA) to support the expansion and stabilization of this statewide market association. With the support of a USDA grant, the Oregon Farmers Market Promotion Project was designed to support OFMA in its transition from an all-volunteer structure to a full-fledged non-profit organization with a paid employee and the capacity to provide programs and services that support Oregon’s burgeoning and often tenuous farmers’ markets. Through organizational development, new collaboration, and a deeper understanding of the farmers and markets it serves, OFMA is now charting a broader course, addressing individual as well as common challenges and opportunities. Oregon Rural Action has appreciated this opportunity to develop relationships throughout the state and bring the voice of rural communities to the statewide conversation about the importance of local food systems.