We’re taking action to change the system through grassroots action on local, state and national food & ag policy.

We want just and sustainable food and ag policy that bolsters family agriculture and ensures access to health food for all. We want policy that doesn’t favor corporations over people; policy that builds healthy, prosperous rural communities for local people. Here are the grassroots actions we’re taking to grow better food and ag policy. Your voice counts!


Oregon State Food & Farm Policy

Oregon Rural Action takes action on state food and ag policy primarily through our coalition, the Oregon Grows Partnership. The coalition was stared in 2010 to mobilize producers and eaters for better food and ag policy in Oregon. Today OGP is a statewide coalition of 15 food & ag organizations. Each legislative session the coalition chooses legislative priorities to work on collectively based on the needs of each group’s members or constituents. We work together to activate farmers and eaters as citizen lobbyists on food and farm policy in the state. In 2011 OGP pushed for the Farm Direct Bill and 1000 Bird Exemption which now allow sale of home-processed jams, pickles, dried fruit, poultry and more. Learn more about upcoming state policy efforts of OGP and opportunities to add your voice to the policy push. Read more about OGP and our state policy work.


 Family Farm & Ranch Rally Day

Family Farm & Ranch Rally Day is a gathering of family, small-scale, local food and alternative ag producers and their eater-supporters in Salem each legislative session. Rally day is about winning on our issues and learning to be a citizen lobbyist. At rally day folks transform into citizen lobbyists through training, practice and working in groups. We meet with legislators and other officials on the bills and issues most important to us and then rally on the capitol steps. Read on about ORA member experiences and how rally day works.