This program has concluded. Below is a description of how if happened:

What is Solarize Snake River Valley? 

Solarize is a community based program with community members banning together to participate in a group-buying project for installation of solar energy units on individual homes, farms, irrigation projects and businesses. Solarize is a bulk buying concept that attempts to remove barriers to installing solar energy. The larger the group, the better the deal will be. Local banks or credit unions help with low interest loans. Contractors and experts give advice on how/what tax incentives to take advantage of.

Together we can:

o Help people save money on energy bills

o Utilize renewable, sustainable energy resources

o Educate the public on solar as an energy source

o Make solar energy attainable to more and diverse consumers

o Contribute to the welfare of local residents

This year Solarize Snake River Valley is concentrating on the installation of Photovoltaic renewable energy systems. The

committee has put together a Request for Proposal that is going out to select a qualified and affordable contractor. Selected

firm(s) in conformance with all applicable laws, codes and existing rules and timelines will carry out the installations.

This is the time to add a solar system!

o U.S. Treasury Federal Tax Credit: 30% of total cost

o Oregon State Residential Tax Credit: 50% of cost up to $6000

o Idaho State Residential Tax Credit: 100% Tax Credit up to $20,000 (40% first year and 20% next 3 years)

Join the movement!


Solarize Snake River Valley can help you decide if a solar system is right for you by providing a free estimate based on

your location and one year’s electrical use data. Everyone is welcome whether you have a project yourself or not. Come to a

meeting to help plan and promote the project. Next steps include selecting a contractor, doing outreach and education, finding

grants and financing. Projects are being installed this summer, so get involved now to make solar a reality for you!

Meetings are held twice a month with committees connecting in between. Please contact us for details and/or check the

website events page.

Contact Information: Roger Findley – Ontario, OR 541-889-5980

Tova Woyciechowicz (Oregon Rural Action) La Grande, OR 541-975-2411


Oregon Rural Action is a non-profit community-based organization that promotes social justice, agricultural and economic

sustainability, and stewardship of our region’s land, air, and water. Tax ID # 03-0383463