As a member-driven organization we rely heavily on volunteered efforts and contributions, and the possibilities are endless!

What are you interested in? What do you feel that you have to offer your organization?



Gardening Volunteer Activities:

  • Community Garden – Volunteers are always welcome at the Community Garden. We need volunteers to work with the Head Start kids on their gardening projects.
  • Gardening classes – If you have an expertise in Basic Vegetable Gardening, Winter Gardening or Seed Saving, please let us know as we have eager learners.

Contact us at or 541-975-2411 to get involved.


Health Care Reform Action Team Volunteer Activities: 

We need a variety of skills and interests to help move our health care movement forward. Learn more about health care reform here.

  • Table-ers Team: Tabling at events & farmer’s markets; organizing materials for tablers; tracking calendars/community events & registering us
  • Parade-ers: marching in parades; street theater fun; tracking calendars/coordinating/scheduling Letters to the Editor writers: writers and signers
  • Legislative advocacy: letter writers & phone calls
  • Research on specific topics & writing briefings or fact sheets HCAO CommitteeHealth Care Rosie in color
  • Liaisons: Participant on state HCAO Committees, keep us informed of how we can participate in statewide efforts
  • Social Networking: connect with the communications team & legislative action alerts; facebook monitoring and postings, twitter, others…
  • YouTube and Film making: special projects for things like volunteer orientations; story project; expanding the movement pieces.
  • Merchandise Coordinator: maintain inventory of items for sale; purchasing; connect with Tabling/house parties.
  • Meeting Note Taker: take notes monthly & coordinate with Co-Coordinator for edits and distribution
  • Historian: maintaining the scrap book, clippings, bulletin bd in the office, eventually web pieces.
  • House Party participants: attend a house party, learn more, and get involved.
  • Canvassing: seeking business endorsements.
  • Speaker teams: Speaker Teams for house parties Speaker Teams for presentations (e.g.: civic groups) Speaker teams willing to travel to other counties

Contact Bill Whitaker at or 541-663-1358 to get involved with the Health Care Reform movement.